our story
craft chips?

How This Started: "Eh last time I had a dream to open a shop filled with unique chips from all around the world and call it Chip Thrill LOL" 

How This Escalated: "Why are you not doing it?! Let's do it!" *Few beers down* 🍻

On that note, 6 of us buddies plunged quite immediately into what would become months of preparation for a funny little dream to be realised.

We want to be the FIRST craft chips store in town. We want people to know that chips go beyond the major commercial brands we recognise, and that small-batch producers can give us equally good, or in most cases, better quality chips!

After reaching out to almost 500 producers from all around the world, and sampling countless types of chips, here we are.


Chip Thrill is where you can discover and taste an eclectic range of top-quality chips from small batch producers and artisanal brands from all around the world.

We seek the thrill of constantly finding uncharted flavours and brands in the world of chips and bringing them to your fingertips, literally.