About Heartland Chips

South Canterbury farmer Raymond Bowan grew up around potatoes. As a young lad he earned his pocket money digging up spuds on the neighbouring property, returning home after a long day’s work with mud on his boots, dirt under his nails and a satisfied grin on his face.

To this day the potatoes we use are grown on the Bowan family farm at Fallgate, just outside of Timaru, South Canterbury. It’s no mistake Heartland Chips look, taste (and sound!) so good – it’s the result of relentless care and attention to detail through every stage of the manufacturing process.

It starts with the perfect soil, and the ideal potato variety. From there, the spuds are nurtured as they grow, before they are carefully harvested. When they leave Fallgate, the potatoes are transported 30km down the road to the Heartland Chip factory, where they’re sliced, cooked, packaged and distributed.