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Chip Thrill Corporate Gift Boxes

Forget run-of-the-mill gift boxes or snack boxes.
Skip having to google hard for gift ideas that impress.

We've banned boring snacks.

Our fun and unique gift boxes are filled with colourful, unique and never-seen-before artisanal craft chips from all over the world that you can't wait to get your taste buds on! Flexible to your budget and customisable to your requests.

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for the employees
bring joy with our gift boxes

For special occasions and events, welfare packs, care packages, or just a little "Thank You" surprise for the ones working hard.

Our corporate gift boxes are created for you to feel proud gifting it and for the recipients to go “WOW" when they receive it. Check out our selection of gift boxes here!

Customisation available: Add a drink, a personalised message, or your company logo!

Made to impress, there are no other snack boxes quite like ours.

Chip Thrill Corporate Gift Boxes

Proudly Supplying Snacks For

what's in it?

We have a diverse menu of more than 100 varieties of craft chips and each gift box will include a curated variety that the recipient will not be able to easily find off the shelves elsewhere! It's easy to please literally, everyone.

Each box also includes our custom 32cm Chip-Sticks that are designed to be long enough such that your hands don’t even have to go into the bag at all!

Say goodbye to greasy fingers. 

Looking for
office pantry snacks?

Bring craft chips to the workplace and make it fun! We offer more than 100 varieties of healthy and low-calorie chips that can be a perfect companion on a busy day.

Pamper your team with personalized snacks, to fuel employee motivation, or to stock your office pantry on a recurring basis!