About British Snack Co.

Since their humble beginnings in 2013, British Snack Co.'s mission has been to create the tastiest snacks money can buy. Lovingly crafted, outrageously delicious and quintessentially quirky — this is how they would like their snacks to be described as. 

Handcooked in the UK using exclusively British potatoes, British Snack Co. crisps combine no-nonsense flavours with classic crunch. They are made on a farm that not only grows its own potatoes, but is also powered by renewable energy. So, these crisps don't just taste good - they do good, too. 

Their Popcorn range is hand-popped and inspired by Britain's Great Animals, though we are not clear why. But in their own words: "For anyone who wonders why we have animals on our packets...their isn't much reason! We just think they're great!"