About Boundless Activated Snacking

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Boundless.

What is "Activated"?

Activation is centuries-old, but what does it actually mean?

Here’s the sciencey bit: high fibre foods like nuts and seeds contain a substance called phytic acid. This binds to minerals, such as iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and manganese, and can reduce their absorption rate.

So if we try to reduce levels of phytic acid, we can increase bioavailability of nutrients and the nutritional value of these foods. To put it simply the process removes the stuff that messes with your digestion to begin with! 

So, how are the Activated Chips made?

Using the Flood, Activate, Bake (F.A.B Method).

Boundless drenches ancient supergrain Sorghum in saltwater (flood), kickstarting Mother Nature's germination process. A good soak removes the bitter phytic acid (activate) and protective enzymes, leaving us with the good stuff. Finally, the ingredients are baked to give it a good tasty crunch! 

Boundless supports Frank Water, a charity that works with some of the most deprived communities in India and Nepal to help them secure safe, clean drinking water, and improve hygiene and sanitation. Shop our "Do Good As You Snack" range here.

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