BEPPS = Black Eyed Pea Puff Snacks

Eve, BEPPS Founder, was inspired by her 4 year old daughter (at the time) who loved eating crisps. In her quest for something healthier and more inclusive, she created BEPPS Snacks, using black eyed peas, something she grew up eating in her childhood.

Black eyed peas are similar to other peas, pulses and grains such as lentils, chickpea, quinoa and fava beans. But in several ways, they're a lot better!

They make a great, meat alternative source of protein for vegetarians and vegans. Per 100g serving, black eyed peas have less than 10% fat (less than quinoa and buckwheat), and over 25g of protein (more than lentils, chickpeas and also potatoes).

Peas with Purpose. BEPPS have partnered with St Nicholas Academy Mission school in Ghana where they sponsor kids in need through school, with every bag of BEPPS purchased. Shop our "Do Good As You Snack" range here.